Artist collective de Onkruidenier was founded in 2013 and the team consists of Jonmar van Vlijmen, Rosanne van Wijk and Ronald Boer. The collective investigates historical, cultural and potential transformations of nature and its potential to evolve humans. They do fieldwork – often in conjunction with audiences – collecting plants, the stories and histories associated with them. As ecosystem futurists, they speculate on aquatic culture to arrive at new interpretations of the relationship between humans and (urban) nature, both above and below sea level. An important role is played here by questioning systems that are usually taken for granted. In the development of their work, interactions with the public and experts such as farmers, residents and scientists create new stories.

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De Onkruidenier
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De Onkruidenier
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Artist collective the Onkruidenier was founded in 2013. The core team consists of Jonmar van Vlijmen, Rosanne van Wijk and Ronald Boer. Since 2020, the team of the Onkruidenier has been growing through the arrival of studio assistant Laura Kneebone.

The board of foundation de Onkruidenier is formed by chair Jacqueline Heerema (conceptual artist and founder Satellietgroep) and secretary Katharina Nöteberg (urban planner at the municipality of Amsterdam). We are currently looking for a new treasurer.

Our website was developed in collaboration with graphic designers Maaike Besseling and Floor Weijs in collaboration with web developer Bernd de Ridder.

Every year there is room for an intern.
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The beautiful pictures on our website are shot by professional photographers and cannot be used without our permission. Please ask us for permission so we can discuss it with the photographer in question.

Photography by Frouwkje Smit, Chico Bolt, Luuk Smits, Florian Braakman, Maurice Boyer, Gert Jan van Rooij, Renata Chede, Sjoerd Knol, Jorn van Eck, Erwin Budding, Zoë Horsten, Lisa Zilver and Marlise Steeman.

Image by Maaike Besseling

How often does it happen that you pick a color in your interior, your wardrobe, or in the case of this website; colors of texts and color planes. In the design process we were dwelling on the endless possibilities of colors in toolbars of design programs without realizing what worlds are hidden behind those square boxes. So the idea was born to enlist the help of an expert in the field of natural pigments. At the AGA Lab in Amsterdam West, Naan and Lucila work on their paint plant garden, where they organize workshops that make you look differently at the colors in your environment. Lucila told a passionate story about how you can produce an enormously rich palette of colors from a lot of plant material. Even with one plant as a base material you can produce an almost infinite variety of shades by influencing the PH value. 

One remarkable observation will always remain with us; Lucila told us that it is almost impossible to produce the color green from plant origin from one base material. Hence, the color green, which had previously been an important part of the Onkruidenier’s corporate identity, no longer appears in the palette. A number of test samples Lucila provided us with formed the color palette for this website.

More information on natural dyes