Amstelpark, Amsterdam

Shadow Garden

Every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 13 p.m. and weather permitting, members of artist collective the Onkruidenier open the gate to the Shadow Garden, the former Belgian monastery garden from the 1972 Floriade. You are welcome to come tour the garden and engage in conversation with the Onkruidenier. Leave your preconceived ideas about gardening behind and open yourself to a new perspective on a garden.



During Oerol festival, we present Meet the Salt-Loving Community and set a collective wave in motion towards a life with the sea. Can we turn the tide and embrace the sea again in our daily lives? Expand your landscape sensibility and feel the infinite connection with the sea meeting your aquatic ancestor. In a cinematic multiverse, we look back at marine evolution and bring this salty future to the shore. What oceanic traces of the sea are still in our bodies or households?