A Tale of A Tub

Tasting Grassroots

We cordially invite you to join us for the second activity by Grassroots on March 20th; the Grassroots Tasting for people as well as birds living in Spangen. The tasting is scheduled to start at 2PM. Following the event, A Tale of A Tub is happy to invite you to raise a toast together at the new year’s reception. Do you feel like bringing along a partner, neighbour or anyone else who is interested? We’re eager to meet new people! The Grassroots team will be there to welcome you and tell all about this special project, and what it could mean for you. Would you so kindly let us know by March 10th whether you can make it, and who you plan on bringing with you? Preferably by sending a message to Lenn, who is also available for any questions. You can reach her via: