Forever Summer starts

In early 2019, the Onkruidenier was approached by the Van Abbemuseum with the request to develop a new work for the Eye; the beautiful patio in the museum overlooking the river Dommel. And now we can share with you the wonderful news that until the end of September 2021 the Onkruidenier can work with the most eaten vegetable in the world, the tomato.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our kitchen without the tomato. But what do we actually know about this popular vegetable that has its origins in the Andes, and is now present year-round in the supermarket? A plant that has even escaped from the supermarket and is part of our public space. De Onkruidenier investigates how the tomato developed from its original habitat into a crop that does well in the greenhouses of the Westland, but also in vegetable gardens and on the balcony. And what about the tomato in Eindhoven?

Forever Summer has been made possible by the Mondriaan Fund