Van Abbemuseum

Forever Summer update

Forever Summer is currently in full bloom!

Over the past year, we have been working on the development of a new process-based work, working with a local tomato community to provide about thirty different varieties of tomatoes. The work has become an ecosystemic installation that circles around the question of what happens when you introduce the tomato into the realm of a museum.

Anyone who has ever grown tomatoes knows that a successful harvest and a good yield go hand in hand with a good summer. Despite the seasons, it seems that the supermarket always provides us with a “good summer. Fresh produce is offered year-round because we can control the atmosphere. A permanent summer is formed by the ratio of oxygen, nitrogen and CO2, temperature and preservatives such as E200 and E299. This system brings summer into our households all year round.

The Van Abbemuseum and the depot are also climate-controlled spaces. 18°C and a humidity of about 60% is what is needed to present and conserve art. A temperature and humidity comparable to greenhouses for growing tomatoes. What happens when the tomato becomes part of the museum’s collection?