Project ‘Grassroots’ starting in Rotterdam

Grassroots is a search for locally rooted initiatives. 

How can Grassroots connect to themes that live in the neighborhood, with both the people and birds and grasses that are rooted there? 

Since September, the Onkruidenier has been collecting stories from people, birds and grasses in Spangen, in collaboration with community connector Lenn Cox. Grasses are found at many levels in our environment and have been cultivated by humans for thousands of years and used for various purposes. For example, corn, wheat and rice are also examples of crops that are included in the grass family. A vast family that migrated to different areas with the help of both humans and birds. From the grass fields in the Justus van Effen complex, the Onkruidenier investigates in what way we can build a renewed relationship with our living environment. Can curiosity lead to collectivity? What connections can be made with what lives in this community from both a human and a bird’s eye view?

Grassroots is a project by artist collective the Onkruidenier in collaboration with A Tale of A Tub, which is located in the Justus van Effen complex in Spangen, Rotterdam. Grassroots is made possible by the VriendenLoterij Fonds.