Seeds for (x)change

In the second phase of the Grassroots project: Seeds for (x)change, de Onkruidenier unfolds a (social) ecosystem in which (x)change is central. With the creation of an exhibition, public programme and outdoor sculpture de Onkruidenier opened up for a wider public to join the Grassroots ecosystem. When we observe and look more closely at grass, are we able to better care for our neighborhood? Can grass connect us?

Because when you look at grasses, you see one of the most common plant species in the Netherlands. If you look at grass even closer, this plant species is rooted and intertwined with all sorts of themes from our daily lives: from our food system to culture, from migration to politics and from economy to a changing climate.

With Seeds for (x)change, the Onkruidenier takes time to reflect on these global systems by highlighting grasses in Spangen on a hyperlocal level. What does grass mean in Spangen and in other parts of the world? What is the value of grass at the trade market, for a botanist or as an ingredient in the kitchen? We take a look at the different worlds hidden behind the grasses of Spangen. Can we see grasses as storytellers of complex (global) food and climate issues?

From different (grass) perspectives, de Onkruidenier explored how grasses locally create a different form of exchange and connect us socially. From the hairy love grass to wall barley. From taxonomy to trade winds. From a book of hours to street culture.

Photo’s by LNDWstudio