Kleureyck experience

Where does color come from? How do you create color? What is the impact of color? For the Van Eyck year in Ghent, the museum is hosting a major exhibition on innovative and diverse uses of color. The expo starts from Jan van Eyck’s unseen shades and shows what color means to contemporary designers. De Onkruidenier collaborated with Céline Pelcé (FR) and Marente van der Valk (UK) at the invitation of the Food Lab of the Jan van Eyck Academy.

With the creation assignment, we are challenging the relationship between food and time/place. In the experience room a laboratory will be built in which different questions will be investigated. How may we store fresh food over time and how do its properties (color/taste) evolve? How may we preserve food (through fermentation, preservation in beeswax, but also by making objects with it). How may we re-emphasize the origin of the product and the time it takes to grow? The laboratory will evolve with us through the seasons as a kind of foodscape. After all, color changes and nuances progress slowly over time. These processes also refer to alchemy, the colors and patterns in Jan van Eyck’s work. This results in various ‘tasting events’ and workshops on the rhythm of the seasons in which we involve the public in the designs in an interactive, inviting and tasty way. The events also refer to the profane traditions with which people in earlier times celebrated the transition of the seasons.