Future Gardening

At the Shadow Garden, we have begun a search in recent months for the future of gardening in a changing climate that is getting drier and hotter. We are doing this under the title Future Gardening. This makes the shade garden a test environment and open-air studio in which we collectively speculate about the future of our green living environment.

In the near future, we will increasingly experience relatively wet winters and dry hot summers due to the Mediterraneanization of our cities. What does a xerophilic (heat-loving) biotope for the city look like? How do we develop a regenerative system for a thriving heat-resistant urban nature? Currently, our climate zone is shifting 13 meters northeastward every day. What will our urban biotope look like in the future when we live in the current Paris climate zone 50 years from now?

The urban area is dominated by asphalt, pavement and concrete, on a foundation of raised sand. The city is a large, walled heat island. What heat-loving plant communities do we embrace in the future? And how do we as humans learn to work with them to keep the city livable?