During LANGSTME, the triennial of Kunsthuis SYB, De Onkruidenier organized a site-specific training session called SWEET – SWAT – SWEETIE – SWEATER – SWETSEN. This training took place at the magisterial White Lake of Beetsterzwaag. Using a performative installation, the toponyms of the local landscape were examined. In what ways are names, language, our bodies and the landscape intertwined? And how can we unravel these different layers of the landscape by activating our senses in new ways? Together with the audience, a number of different exercises were done to look for both new sensory experiences and alternative relationships between body, landscape and language. Using a number of tools, including the new CryptoFoam developed in collaboration with Kai Udema, De Onkruidenier activated the changing dynamics between ourselves and our environment.