Brienenoord eiland

Training sessions at the Brienenoord island

How do we experience the landscape when we leave behind the pace of economic times and begin to adapt to the rhythm of ebb and flow? What do we see, feel, taste and experience in harmony with the plants and organisms in the marine ecosystem?

Between March and May, de Onkruidenier spent several intensive periods – DEEP DIVES – on Brienenoord Island to explore new perspectives and training techniques for the evolution of salt-loving humans.

During their research period at the Buitenplaats, they saw the island change, the water rise and fall with the tides, and most importantly, they encountered themselves. How adaptable are we as humans really in the land between ebb and flow? How does our own experience of water change when we experience it physically and, in our wading suits, literally feel the water rising and can no longer reach each other? The Weedman became fascinated with the continuous transformation of the island. It shows and feels different every time.

On May 15, de Onkruidenier gave a presentation through 4 training sessions to let go of the ‘land and water thinking’.