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During Oerol 2023, de Onkruidenier was taking shifts at the Interspecies Supermarket on the beach of Terschelling for 10 days. In our refrigerator department and a fresh produce department, we offered an assortment of washed up bottles with the packaging as carriers of a message, and brand new hybrid objects developed in-house.

The Interspecies Supermarket is not about eating or being eaten. We do, however, question our role in the food chain and explore the contours of a future food system on the coast line. The audience takes a route back to our origins in the sea. After all, the coastal landscape is the nursery of all life on earth. 375 million years ago, our ancestors, the first vertebrates, crawled ashore. But not only our ancestors, even commonly known vegetables have their origins on the coast. Where the tides determine the catch of the day: the waves bring foam ashore, supplying the tide line with organic particles, bacteria, algae, moss creatures, jellyfish, crabs, feathers and shells. 

By learning to look differently at our consumption behaviour, we become part of the relationships in the landscape. Taking a close observation we might be able to see agriculture in the air, look at the sea as a refrigerator and the beach as a pantry. Have we left the refrigerator door open for too long?